So you've stumbled across this page and you're wondering to yourself, "What is Toadwater?" Well let me tell you...

Toadwater is an interactive 2D community based game. You are a lone dwarf, with a life set on creating forests, gardens and a world of wonder. Your enemies and allies can be found within the world and its players. Your life's goal? That's up to you. You can strive to be #1. Or you can become a merciless raider, set on destroying others hard work. There's a multitude of things to do in the world of Toadwater. You can:

So take a minute, hour, day or the rest of your life to explore the world we call Toadwater. Please, join us on IRC and come have fun with us! Check out the forums and our wiki page for more information.

-- Sicari

To give it a try yourself, head over to the forums and make an account!