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Bermuda grass is a special type of grass that may only be planted on your personal island and only in 100% EBP-fertilized ground.

It is special because it combines most of the positive properties of roads and creeping red fescue grass but it cannot be broken like roads. Specifically:

  • Grounds hoards may be placed on it
  • Statues may be placed on it
  • Using either type of staff while walking on bermuda grass grants the following benefits:
    • No staff wear unless it is still growing or it has a ground hoard
    • No health cost unless it is still growing or it has a ground hoard (health cost begins at 1.0 in these cases)
    • Speed increases at about 2.5x the rate it does on roads -- health will increase at speeds 100+

Note that the odds for growing a tree on it are the same as if the ground were 100% worm- or poo-fertilized.

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