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Constructing & Building

"Grade [level] Fencing" can be constructed from a [level] plank.

To use fencing, it first must be placed. To place one, select it in your inventory then select an adjacent bare square. Then it must be built by pounding it in with a mallet -- this can be done by any player or worker after which the fencing will still be owned by the player who placed it.

Fencing cannot be placed on a square that contains an inactive player.

Decay, Stages, & Refreshing

Fences automatically decay over a period of 2x[fence level] days -- i.e. a level 2 fence will decay completely in 4 days after which it is automatically destroyed and disappears leaving bare ground. Decay goes through 11 equally-spaced stages. Decay does not make the fence any more vulnerable.

To reset the decay timer you can refresh your fencing back to stage 1 by selecting a staff in your inventory then selecting any of your fencing in view. Note that this does not "deselect" your staff so your speed can be maintained.

Removing & Repairing

To remove a fence that is placed but not built, any player can use a shovel to put the fence in their inventory (if a worker has been assigned to it, hitting it once with a mallet is probably the easiest way to unassign the worker) leaving bare sand.

To remove your own built fence, you can use an axe to chop it down -- this destroys it leaving bare sand. You may also assign a worker to it with an axe.

To remove another player's built fence, you can use an axe to chop it down -- this destroys it leaving bare sand. This costs a lot of health and it takes a longer time than chopping your own fencing because you can only cause [axe power] damage to a fence that has a maximum of [fence level]*100 "hit points". See raiding for more info.

You can repair your own fencing by using the same "Grade [level].000 Fence Repairs" as the [fence level] -- each repair increases one hit point up to the maximum. Select the repairs then select adjacent fencing that needs fixing. Enough fence repairs to completely fix one piece of fencing can be constructed from two pieces of fencing in your inventory.

Fence Scraps

"Fence Scraps" are members only items obtained through a quest.

Using 100 fence scraps on a built fence will increase the [fence level] by 1 up to 30 and, therefore, its hit points by 100 (up to 3000).

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