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Quest Spoilers

Since some players do not want the quest spoiled for them by reading how to complete each one, a lot of the quest information below in "hidden text." Below are descriptions of each quest. Select the hidden text for the parts you would like to read, or Select All (Ctrl+A in most browsers) for a walkthru:

  • Grape Quest beginning:Speak with Junior McPerkins (d3 c4 g4 d7) who should say, via popup: "... === QUEST STARTED ==="
  • Grape Quest spoiler 1:Give a post, presumably of any level, to Junior for each Red Grape Seedling you want.

Growing Spoilers

  • Grape growing beginning:Grapes need irrigation -- looks like within 3 squares of an irrigation ditch.
  • Grape growing spoiler 1:Grapes need CRF.
  • Grape growing spoiler 2:Use posts on CRF.
  • Grape growing spoiler 3:After using 7 posts on CRF, use rope to create growing frame.
  • Grape growing spoiler 4:Use a Red Grape Seedling on growing frame -- odds appear to depend on farming level.
  • Grape growing spoiler 4:After a couple/few hours, you should be able to pick Red Grapes with your hands.

Using Spoilers

  • Grape using beginning:???

Picking Grapes

  • Click on the grape crop with nothing else in your inventory selected.

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