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For Jumping in Toadwater 2, see Jumping (TW2)

Jumping in Toadwater is the act of leaving cloud world in order to settle in the vast Toadwater world. When you jump, your cloud world is destroyed along with everything in it -- so jumping is one-way only (you cannot unjump back to CW). Jumping can be a difficult descision -- this wiki entry is a compilation of suggestions and learned experiences from many players who have jumped before you.

When to Jump and What to Take

This is dependant on different factors including:

  • Where is there space - it's no help moving to a packed area, as you are unlikely to find enough available land for your dream base. It is best to find out something about the different directions before choosing which way to jump.
  • Who is willing to help - this may well decide for you which way to jump. If people are offering help then take it as the time and effort saved by accepting help is immense.
  • How patient are you - this is a major factor as stocking up on many of the suggested supplies take months. Many players do not bother with this simply because they don't have the patience and, although many players have made it with minimal supplies, it is not suggested.
  • At what level to leave - when you are a low level it takes much more time to walk/explore due to your need to heal yourself often. Recommendations range from level 50 - 100 as that is when you have enough health to take better advante of the extra land in noob world to level your skills.

The list of supplies suggested varies depending on who's suggesting it, but a general outline of most suggestions is:

  • Clear out your cloud world - anything you leave will be destroyed. Almost everything has a sell value so sell what you do not think you will need.
  • Have lots of fencing - the actual suggested number tends to fluctuate around 500, and the suggested level ranges from 6 to 10.
  • Have plenty of seeds - some people say only the highest you can plant at 100%, others say every tree level you have. It usually doesn't make a big difference as in the early stages your inventory usually has room to take everything you need. Balsam fir seeds are also not recomended to carry since you can get them just by digging.
  • Idols - some people say take them all, some say sell them and buy them later. It mostly depends on whether you have access to auctions and if not when will you need your idols.
  • Axes - do not bother carrying an axe when you leave. Sell it to the store because you can always buy another axe so it's a waste of an inventory slot.
  • Tools - if you can reproduce your tools easily from wood, you may want to only carry the wood. But if you obtained high level tools from auction then carry at least a high-level shovel (important for building outhouses on the fly), and a mallet (needed to pound in those fences, very important at the early stages).
  • Healing items - these are vital, as without them you can only manage your level number of steps on bare sand. Remember that you may well have to explore the area you land in to find space and you should expect to take 1000+ steps to find a place to live, nevermind the health needed to build a base. So carry lots of french breakfast radishes or if you are a member, hearty red strawberries.

If all this cannot fit into your inventory, then it's a good idea to carry fewer seeds and idols.

Where to Jump

There are 8 major locations where you are allowed to land. Where you land depends on which cloud you jump into. It is not fully understood how this correlation works, but with 99% accuracy the following diagram indicates how to get to the 8 major locations (diagram legend: beige squares are CW sand, aqua are clouds you can jump into, orange are where you land, and questions marks means predictions are not accurate enough so it is not recommended that you jump there):

Cloud World With No Fences
 ?  ? B1-A2 B1-A2  ?  ?  ? A4-B5 A4-B5  ?  ?
c3 f6 c3 f7 c4 f1 c4 f2 c4 f3 c4 f4 c4 f5 c4 f6 c4 f7 c5 f1 c5 f2
 ? c3 g6 c3 g7 c4 g1 c4 g2 c4 g3 c4 g4 c4 g5 c4 g6 c4 g7 c5 g1 c5 g2  ?
C7-B1 d3 a6 d3 a7 d4 a1 d4 a2 d4 a3 d4 a4 d4 a5 d4 a6 d4 a7 d5 a1 d5 a2 B5-C6
C7-B1 d3 b6 d3 b7 d4 b1 d4 b2 d4 b3 d4 b4 d4 b5 d4 b6 d4 b7 d5 b1 d5 b2 B5-C6
 ? d3 c6 d3 c7 d4 c1 d4 c2 d4 c3 d4 c4 d4 c5 d4 c6 d4 c7 d5 c1 d5 c2  ?
 ? d3 d6 d3 d7 d4 d1 d4 d2 d4 d3 d4 d4 d4 d5 d4 d6 d4 d7 d5 d1 d5 d2  ?
 ? d3 e6 d3 e7 d4 e1 d4 e2 d4 e3 d4 e4 d4 e5 d4 e6 d4 e7 d5 e1 d5 e2  ?
E7-F1 d3 f6 d3 f7 d4 f1 d4 f2 d4 f3 d4 f4 d4 f5 d4 f6 d4 f7 d5 f1 d5 f2 F5-E6
E7-F1 d3 g6 d3 g7 d4 g1 d4 g2 d4 g3 d4 g4 d4 g5 d4 g6 d4 g7 d5 g1 d5 g2 F5-E6
 ? e3 a6 e3 a7 e4 a1 e4 a2 e4 a3 e4 a4 e4 a5 e4 a6 e4 a7 e5 a1 e5 a2  ?
e3 b6 e3 b7 e4 b1 e4 b2 e4 b3 e4 b4 e4 b5 e4 b6 e4 b7 e5 b1 e5 b2
 ?  ? F1-G2 F1-G2  ?  ?  ? G4-F5 G4-F5  ?  ?

The capitalized letter pairs indicate the noob world between two Toadwater worlds. So jumping into the clouds at "c4 f1" or "c4 f2" should have you land somewhere in C7-B1. "C7-B1" means the noob world, 2 x 2 world squares in size, that connects world C7 and world B1 -- click the noob world links for player-supplied reports of the conditions around the noob worlds you are considering jumping into.

The following diagram shows all the worlds of Toadwater with the noob worlds (note that the 4 noob worlds near the middle cannot be jumped into any longer and the 2 noob worlds on the new, sixth (westernmost) continent cannot be jumped into):


See World of Toadwater for more information.

Look at last map update before jumping.

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