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Welcome to Toadwiki. This wiki is dedicated to the one-of-a-kind, free-to-play game Toadwater. The links on this page lead to information dedicated to Toadwater 2, for Toadwater 1 information please go to Toadwater 1.

New Players Start Here!
Index of Topics and Skills
  • Toadwater Client - Explanation of the interface and basic interaction skills.
  • Website - Everything you need to know about what happens outside of the game.
  • Formulas - Toadwater 2, by the numbers!

  • Alchemy - The skill of making potions!
  • Combat - Lasso your enemies!
  • Construction - Making something from your planks.
  • Cooking - Salads, Pies, and more!
  • Farming - For all your fertilizer based crops.
  • Forestry - Growing trees and cutting them down!
  • Management - Getting the most out of your workers.
  • Mining - Dwarves are most at home in the mines.
  • Poo - Come on. You know you want to!
  • Tinkering - Building useful items.
  • Textile - Anything from retting to hackling hemp.
  • Weaving - Making gloves and Seed Bags.
  • Whittling - Turn that useless wood into something cool.

Useful Guides for Hardcore Players
Help Improve the Wiki
  • Urgent update - Check here to see which articles urgently need to be updated
  • Needs update - Check here to see other articles which are out of date
  • Help:Contents - A few useful pages on editing the wiki

We currently have 335 articles.
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