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All players begin the game with a Toadwater staff (in TW2 this is gained during the tutorial), which is used to move around the world of Toadwater. This staff can be later upgraded to a personal staff by becoming a member.


Using your staff

In order to use your staff to move around, it must first be selected in your inventory. Once selected you can move by clicking on any of the 8 squares adjacent to your dwarf. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to move, the four arrow keys will move horizontally and vertically, and you can use the number pad to move in all 8 directions. Remember, this only works if your staff is selected first, so if you are having trouble moving check that the staff is highlighted in the inventory first.

Staff Power

All staves, both the basic toadwater staff and the personal staff, begin life with a power of 100. You can see what power your staff is at by looking at it's value in the inventory.

A staff with higher power will allow you to move more quickly. At full power there is no delay in walking at all, and as the power decreases the time you need to wait between movement also decreases. For more detail on wait times and other information on getting around in toadwater, see the movement article.

No staff will degrade completely, they all stop wearing out once they reach power 1.00 (sometimes the power can drop slightly below this for a time, but rest assured it will never vanish!). At this point a staff will make movement very slow and difficult, but don't worry, there are ways of restoring the power to your staff.

Staff Wear

Almost all movement will wear down your staff a small amount. If you have a basic toadwater staff then most steps will wear a staff down by 0.1 power, but walking on trees (even if they are just growing) will wear them down by 0.2 power. Walking on crops, or fertilised land will also wear a staff down significantly.

Personal staves wear down much more slowly, each step only wears down 0.001 power, and walking on trees and crops is also much less damaging.

Preserving your Staff

Certain types of terrain do not wear staves down at all. This is very important to bear in mind when designing a base, as preserving your staff power will enable you to work faster. Players typically use these terrain types to create roads within their bases (and often between bases for travelling) so that they can move around without penalty. The main terrain types which currently do not wear down staves are:

Member benefits

Personal Staff and Nano Dust

The first time you donate to toadwater you will be given a personal staff as a sign of your membership. You will be given the chance to name your personal staff, although it's name must end with the word staff (i.e. Travis' staff). A personal staff wears down much more slowly than a toadwater staff, and like a toadwater staff it can never break so it is a constant reminder that you have donated and have member status in toadwater.

In addition to this you can also donate to gain Nano Dust (this can also be traded in game and gained through Toadkens), which can be used to repair your staff increasing it's power. You can use dust to bring a staff power back up to 100.

To use Nano Dust you must have it in your inventory, and then log on to the Toadwater website, then click the link at the top called "Ashes" (this is the old name for Nano Dust). This will bring you to the Ash Workshop, where you can see how much Nano Dust you are carrying, and how much is needed to fully restore your staff. A staff can be partially restored, so don't worry if you don't have all the dust required. Simply click on your staff and it will be done.

Gold subscription staff

If having your own personal staff with a low wear rate is not enough for you, you can go one step further an set up a gold subscription donation. One of the benefits of this is that your staff will be set to power 150 and will stay there as long as your subscription remains. A permanent subscription staff will never wear down, and so you will never have any movement delay from staff wear.

Getting rid of your staff

It's actually quite difficult to get rid of a staff, because they are essential for movement in the game. You might want to get rid of your toadwater staff though if you get a personal staff to replace it. The personal staff is placed directly into your inventory, which means you will be holding two staves which is not always desirable.

The only way to remove a staff from your inventory is to place it in a ground hoard. However, you cannot place a staff in a ground hoard unless it has a power of 5 or less, so you need to wear your toadwater staff down first, before it can be stored.

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