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I Wanna Walk!

To walk, select your staff and select one of the 8 squares around you (see also Keyboard Shortcuts). For your own safety, you cannot move until your level (health bar) is at least 10. You cannot step on a gate owned by another player (unless the gate's owner is on it), fencing, water, and a few other rare terrains. Unless they are on their own gate, you cannot step on another active player.

Health Cost

Each step on a tree costs health, specifically 1 + tree level / 10 (for example, stepping on a balsam fir costs 1.1 health).

Each step on most terrains (sand, Creeping Red Fescue, things on creeping red fescue, etc) and crops (radish, industrial hemp, strawberry, etc) costs 1 health.

The health cost for walking on a road is variable. Your first step on a road costs 1 health. If you can continue walking on a road in the same direction, your speed (seen in your Info Center) will increase. The higher your speed, the more the cost of each step is reduced. At speeds 90-100, there is no cost to walk. Speeds above 100 will actually increase your health (think of it as a "negative cost"). Changing direction on a road will reduce your speed, sometimes to 0. Doing anything besides walking on a road and refreshing fencing, including deselecting your staff, will reduce your speed to 0. Bermuda Grass works similarly for members.

How to Walk Faster

Walking on trees with a Toadwater (starter) Staff is very slow particularly once it has worn down . Balsam fir is the only tree that does not slow down walking, but walking onto any other tree will delay your next step by several seconds (or even minutes for higher level trees). A member does not have this issue when using a personal staff.

Staff Wear

See the staff article.

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